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Wild Christ, Wild Earth, Wild Self:

A Nature-Based Introduction to Seminary of the Wild

Wild Christ, Wild Earth, Wild Self
A Nature-Based Introduction to Seminary of the Wild
Sunday July 28 - friday August 2, 2019

We invite you to join in Seminary of the Wild, an experiential, nature-based journey of apprenticeship into the wild mysteries of the kingdom of God and an invitation into a deeper participation in the restoration of the world, tikkun olam.


ABOUT Wild Christ, Wild Earth, Wild Self

Designed for those who long for a more soul-infused life and who yearn to find ways to reconnect to the natural world as a person of faith during a time of deep cultural unraveling.

  • A re-enchantment of the natural and wild world and a re-visioning of your deep belonging to this world by reconnecting with your senses, body, emotions, imagination and the earth.
  • A re-wilding of the Christian story deconstructing the barriers, the processes of domestication, and distortions that have tamed and suppressed the earth-based vision of the Christ.
  • A re-claiming of your own prophetic voice as a leader engaged in transforming culture during this age of ecological reformation.
  • An invitation to embark on your own journey of wild discipleship, expanding your capacity to connect directly with the Holy and follow the radical call of Christ discerning the voice of God, Self and Nature.

 For more information about Seminary of the Wild, visit


The summer offering of Wild Christ, Wild Earth, Wild Self – A Nature-Based Introduction to Seminary of the Wild is a “Family Friendly” Event. 


Spouses/Partners wanting to come for some R&R time but not attend the conference, can register as a “Non-Participant.”


The Ghost Ranch Summer Team will still be on and Youth Programming (for ages 3-13) and Senior High Initiative (ages 14-18) will be available. This week coincides with our Community Camp week which will allow for youth to interact with youth from the Ghost Ranch area.


For more information about Seminary of the Wild, visit

Victoria Loorz

Victoria Loorz, MDiv, is a Pastor and certified Spiritual Director. Victoria has been leading spiritual formation for over 25 years, inviting people deeper into their true identities and there discover a more intimate experience of God. Director of a network for Spiritual Ecologists for Kairos Earth, she feels called to reWild the Church. In 2015, she launched Ojai Church of the Wild to reconnect her congregation with the holy embedded in all things and leads the Wild Church Network.

Michael Dowd

The Reverend Michael Dowd is a former pastor and bestselling eco-theologian and deep sustainability evangelist whose book, Thank God for Evolution, was endorsed by 6 Nobel Prize-winning scientistsnoted skeptics, and by religious leaders across the spectrum


Michael and his science writer, evolutionary educator, and fellow wild activist wife, Connie Barlow, have spoken to 2,500+ religious and secular groups across North America since 2002. Their work has been featured in The New York Times, LA Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Newsweek, Discover, and on CBC, CNN, ABC News, and Fox News. Michael has delivered two TEDx talks and a program at the United Nations. He has also conducted two acclaimed online conversation series: “The Advent of Evolutionary Christianity,” and “The Future Is Calling Us to Greatness.” 


Rev. Dowd’s passion is sharing a sobering yet empowering Big Picture that offers practical tools for living and inspiration for engaging in the prophetic work of pro-future action and inter-generational justice.

Brian McLaren

Brian D. McLaren is an author, speaker, activist, and public theologian. A former college English teacher and pastor, he is a passionate advocate for “a new kind of Christianity,” just, generous, and working with people of all faiths for the common good. He is an Auburn Senior Fellow and a leader in the Convergence Network, through which he is developing an innovative training/mentoring program for pastors, church planters, and lay leaders called Convergence Leadership Project.

Bryan smith

Rev. Bryan Smith is a pastor in the PC (USA) denomination, an ICF certified life coach and an Animas Valley Institute certified nature-based human development guide. Bryan’s passion is to help people discover, develop and embody all facets of their God-given identity so they can live with greater courage, joy, freedom, and impact.

Brian stafford

Brian Stafford, MD, MPH is mentor, guide, writer, speaker, and cultural change agent. Brian trained as a psychiatrist in academic medicine as an endowed chair in psychiatry. Then, he left medicine and academia in service to the deeper mysteries of the world and the psyche. He directs Wilderness Is Medicine in Ojai, California. He also serves as guide, trainer, Board member, and Director of Strategic Operations and the Wild Mind Training Program for the Animas Valley Institute.


Rev. Matt Syrdal is a pastor at Grace Presbyterian Church in Denver, CO where he founded Wilder- Soul, and launched Church of Lost Walls in the Front Range area of Colorado. Matt’s passion is guiding others in the discovery of “treasure” of their deepest lives to apprentice fully to the kingdom. Matt is a coach and guide certified in nature-based human development guide with Animas Valley Institute, apprenticing in the SAIP program.

Lodging Info

For Wild Christ, Wild Earth, Wild Self Ghost Ranch has plenty of options with our Dorm/Communal Baths and Camping. Lodging with Shared Baths (2 rooms share 1 bath) is based upon availability.


Corral Block on the Lower Level and Upper Mesa Dorms on the Mesa are ideal for families and those wanting 2+ per room.


Note: Camping fees do not include meals as many campers choose to prepare their own meals. Meal tickets can be purchased separately.

Corral Block

Main Ranch Level
with Communal Bath


Dorm rooms with a communal bath reflect the history and dude ranch culture of Ghost Ranch’s past. Multiple beds and simple furnishings make them an affordable option

These rooms are close to Lower Pavilion and the Museums and a short walking distance of the Dining Hall, Library, Agape Worship Center and most meeting spaces.

Corral Block with Communal Bath

There are 17 rooms in the Corral Block building. This space is ideal for groups and families who desire rooms with multiple beds (some rooms have up to 4 beds).


Communal bathrooms with showers, one men's and one women's are located outside, a few steps down a breezeway or covered porch.


-Rooms 1 & 5 - 2 full beds

-Rooms 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 12 & 13 - 2 full beds  + 1 twin

-Rooms 8, 9, 10 & 11 - 2 twins

-Rooms 14 & 16 - 1 queen, 1 full + 2 twins

-Rooms 15 & 17 - 2 full beds + 2 twins

-Corral Block Rooms with communal bath available: 10

-Rates: $ per room per night, single or double occupancy  +$10 for each additional person in the same room.

Mesa Dorms with Communal Bath

Note: Mesa dorms are open from early May through mid-October.


Mesa dorm-style units, very rustic, have one bedroom with two beds (2 sets of bunks, or a twin + bunk bed) and a dresser, chair, shelf, mirror and reading lamp. Many rooms have a sink.


Shared baths with a sink and a toilet are located in each building down the breezeway. Showers are located in nearby buildings. These units sleep up to three or four people (utilizing top bunks).


Buildings with 8 rooms have a central lounge area with large screen windows that have stunning views.


(4) buildings of 4 rooms - Bluebird, Finch, Lark, & Tanager


(4) buildings of 8 rooms - Chamisa, Cholla, Prickly Pear & Sagebrush


Total of 40 dorms

Staff House

Main Ranch Level
with Communal Bath


This lodging on the Main level has basic dorm-style rooms with two twin beds. These rooms are within close walking distance of the Dining Hall, Library, Agape Worship Center and most meeting spaces.

Staff House with Communal Bath

Staff House rooms have two twin beds, a desk and chair, shelf, mirror and reading lamp. There are two wings connected by a small sitting room and a meeting room available for rental.


There is one room with a private bath (Staff House 20). The others share four gender-identified bathrooms with sinks, toilets and individual showers located within each of the wings.


Units Available: 20 dorm units for up to 40 people + 1 Private Bath with 2 bedrooms


Dining Hall & Meals

Meals are served cafeteria-style with your choice of indoor or outdoor seating.


Breakfast includes a hot serving line plus oatmeal, yogurt and fruit bar. Lunch includes serving line plus a salad and soup bar. Dinner includes a hot serving line with a salad bar. Vegetarian and vegan entrees are available.


Meals times are fixed and served at:

  • Breakfast – 7:30-8:30 a.m.
  • Lunch – noon-1:00 p.m.
  • Dinner – 5:30-6:30 p.m.

Registration Information

Several clusters of rooms at Ghost Ranch are being held for the SEMINARY OF THE WILD community/participants


- Corral Block, Communal Baths

- Mesa Dorms, Dorms/Communal Baths

- Staff House, Dorms/Communal Bath

Note: These specific lodging areas will be held until March 1st, so be sure to register before then if you want to be in one of the LL community areas. You, of course, can also camp or choose other lodging on the Ranch (based on availability).


We encourage you to register on-line (see rates and info on next slide). However, if you need to speak with one of our Reservationists 8am-5pm MST, 7 days a week.


Evelyn Leyba

505.685.1001 /


Gina Maestes

505.685.1017 /




Questions about the Seminary of the Wild program? Feel free to contact one of the Seminary of the Wild Coordinators:


Matt Syrdal
Office  |  303.798.8485
Cell  |  303.319.9464


Victoria Loorz

Phone  |  805-200-8747

Rates & Registration

Rates include the cost of the course, lodging, and meals for the entire duration of the workshop. 

  • Please note, all rates are per person and based on double occupancy per room (where you will be placed with another workshop participant).
  • Single occupancy rooms may be reserved based on availability. The rate to upgrade is an increased $100 per night for Private or Shared Bath and $50 per night for Dorm/Communal Bath.
  • You are welcome to bring a Guest who may not be participating in the workshop. Their lodging and meal costs are listed as a "Non-Program Guest."
  • Want to extend your stay (arrive early or stay late)? You can book extended time as an Overnight Stay guests/rates (based on availability)

Private Bath - $1150

Shared Bath - $1095

Communal Bath - $795

Non-Participant Rate: $300


RV Camping  -  $550

for five nights with Full Hookups / Meal Tickets are purchased separately

Camping w/electric  -  $535

for five nights / Meal Tickets are purchased separately

camping w/out electricity  - $520

for five nights / Meal Tickets are purchased separately


Non-Participant Rate for any camping tier: $75
Meal tickets are purchased separately


Commuter  -  $520

for five nights / lunches included

rio arriba commuter  - $450

for five nights / Meal Tickets are purchased separately


Questions about the Seminary of the Wild program? Feel free to contact one of the Seminary of the Wild Coordinators:


Matt Syrdal
Office  |  303.798.8485
Cell  |  303.319.9464


Victoria Loorz

Phone  |  805-200-8747


Optional Activities

There are all kinds of activities that can be set up for your guests.
  • Guided Hikes or hiking on your own
  • Labyrinth and Meditation Garden walks

For a fee:

  • Horseback Riding into the painted desert where Georgia O'Keeffe painted offered twice daily. Sunset rides offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  • Georgia O'Keeffe Landscape Tour
  • Museums
  • Canoeing and kayaking on Abiquiu Lake 
  • Massages