After leaving Santa Fe, New Mexico and driving about an hour, you enter the landscape of vast vistas, table-topped mesas, tall cliffs, the Rio Chama bordered by huge old cottonwood trees, mountains in the distance and more beauty around every bend in the winding road.


“It is not a country of light on things,” said Georgia O’Keeffe. “It is a country of things in light.”  With a history as colorful as the surrounding red and yellow cliffs of the Piedra Lumbre (shining stone), Ghost Ranch offers a diversity of programs and adventure.


Open year-round, the ranch is committed to spiritual development, peace and justice, honoring the environment and exploring family through the celebration of art, culture and nature.  The landscape of Ghost Ranch encompasses 21,000 acres of towering rock walls, vivid colors and vast skies.


People from all over the world come to work together in creation care, to paint, write, to hike, ride horseback, to research globally renowned archaeological and fossil quarries or simply to rest and renew their spirits. 



 Come and follow your passion
in a safe, wide-open space. (Covid Safe)


Estudio Corazón at Ghost Ranch

A residency program

for fine artists and writers 


For decades Ghost Ranch has provided sacred space and inspiration for artists of all types in many different mediums.

Estudio Corazón, an artist residency program developed in 2020, is designed to give fine artists an opportunity to immerse themselves in this majestic landscape away from the pressures of a daily routine. We offer you a serene setting in a secluded part of Ghost Ranch pursue your creative work with no expectations. This is a perfect opportunity to be COVID safe within a small gathering of artists.


Housed in a community of eight rustic, individual casitas, the residency is a 4-week program for fine artists. Each casita has a living area and a studio: they are side by side in the same building and separated to create distinct yet unified spaces.

Showers and bathrooms are located a short walk from the units. In the shared bathhouse, safety and privacy is protected by the use of assigned individual toilet, sink and shower stalls for each resident.


Weather permitting, the compound also features a fire pit and a star gazing hammock habitat.


Please note there is no WiFi at the casitas, yet there are spots in other locations on the ranch for communication.  We cannot accommodate private areas for communications.


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Estudio CorazÓn


 Session 3

Sunday-Friday, August 1 – August 27 (26 nights)



Session 4

Sunday-Friday, August 29-September 24 (26 nights)


An application must be completed and approved before registering for the Artist in Residence program.


2021 Residency Rates are:

2 week - $1,750

4 week - $3,750

Your residency includes your casita/studio with three meals per day. There will be an offering of one field trip per week to a more remote or private area of the ranch for painting and reflection. Transportation is provided by Ghost Ranch to these locations. Residents will have available to them two wellness/yoga offerings per week.


Please click here to access the application form. 


Artist Studio Community Overview

Casitas have been designed with an artist's needs in mind.


Each participant will have their own casita with a bedroom/sitting room on one side and a dedicated studio/work space next door.  


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Dining Hall & Meals

A cold breakfast bar will be provided in the Community Room at the Casitas for use at your leisure, or you may opt to go to the main Dining Hall for breakfast during posted hours.
Nutritious boxed lunches will be delivered daily to the Artists In Residence (AIR) Community Room.
Dinner will be served in our Dining Hall according to our Covid-19 protocols. You can even have your own assigned table for the duration indoors and/or outdoors. 
Vegetarian and vegan entrees are often available upon request. Gluten free can also be accommodated with pre-notice. If you have more expanded food sensitivities or needs, you will need to bring some or all of your own food to supplement our menu.
Note: Each casita lodging room has a small refrigerator.


Sign up information 

An application must be completed and approved before registering for the Artist in Residence program.


Please click here to access the application form. 


To register:  

After receiving sign off from Diane Arenberg, you will be sent a registration link. The link will bring you to an online form where you will fill out your contact information and pay a $250 deposit.


Session 1 - Special 2-week Residency 
New Mexico Residents will be given priority
Sunday-Friday, May 16 – May 29

Rate: $1,750


Session 2
New Mexico Residents will be given priority

Sunday-Friday, June 6 – July 2

Rate: $3,750


Session 3

Sunday-Friday, August 1 – August 27

Rate: $3,750

Your residency includes your casita/studio with three meals per day. There will be an offering of one field trip per week to a more remote or private area of the ranch for painting and reflection. Transportation is provided by Ghost Ranch to these locations. Residents will have available to them two wellness/yoga offerings per week.


Deposit/Secure Your Spot - $250 (non-refundable)

50% due 60 days prior to Residency start date*
50% due 14 days prior to Residency start date*
*non-refundable unless we are able to fill the slot


Host Artist Information


Message from Estudio Corozon co-founder Diane Arenberg:

"We are thrilled to be a part of this addition to Ghost Ranch programming!  We welcome you and look forward to supporting you on your creative journey."



Diane Arenberg


Diane Arenberg is a fine artist living in Santa Fe, NM who enjoys working in many mediums: pastel, oil, printmaking, encaustic and metalsmithing.  Her passion for Ghost Ranch has  evolved from class participant to Governing Board Member and instructor over a span of 32 years.  She is very excited to share her residency experience in the United States and Morocco and for the opportunity to bring Estudio Corazón into fruition! 
Email: ArtistInResidence@ghostranch.org





ranch liaison

Laurie Magoon is the ranch's Liaison and Wellness Manager. If you have questions about logistics and/or registration, please contact her. 


Laurie will also offer yoga classes and hiking and waterfront excursions.


To contact Laurie, please email
lauriem@ghostranch.org or call 505.685.1000.


Six artists were invited to participate in Ghost Ranch's inaugural Estudio Corazón Artist in Residence program in Fall 2020. The following slides are testimonials of their impressions and experiences. 

(left to right)
Linda Young Kaffie
Barbara Coleman
Natasha Isenhour
Ryan Wurmser
Diane Arenberg
Donna Nelson Barnhill


Oil Painter - Austin, Texas


For me as an artist, to have 4 weeks of time and space to open to new possibilities in my creative process and artmaking in an incredibly beautiful and inspiring landscape in the company of other artists equally dedicated to their work was valuable beyond measure.


Having the door to my studio only steps away from the door to my living quarters offered me the opportunity to work at whatever hour of day or night that creativity called.  I found myself inspired to try new experiments in imagery, composition, and color palette.


Sharing ideas and experiences with other artists over meals and on field trips added an expansive dimension to the richness of the gift of my residency at Estudio Corazón.


Oil Painter - Albuquerque, New Mexico


I was deeply enriched by my artist-in-residency at Ghost Ranch. During my residency, I was ably to complete an average of two paintings a day. 


As a professional artist, I paint at least forty hours a week in a combination of studio and plein air work (painting outdoors from life). The stark contrast between my home-studio and Nature being my studio allowed me to explore in ways I didn’t know that I needed, both literally and metaphorically.


One of the greatest gifts of being at Ghost Ranch was physical safety. As a woman, it has never been safe for me to do Plein Air alone. As a consequence, I have always been tethered to having a painting buddy/group and other people’s schedules. Being able to strap on my backpack full of paints, hike to a location I wanted, paint there safely all day without a shred of hyper-vigilance, and not be interrupted or rushed by other people’s schedules was a form of freedom I’ve never experienced before. I allowed the struggle of painting in a new place to transform my process, without the excuse of not having enough time to finish a painting because of others’ schedules cutting my exploration short.


I came back to my studio with an abundance of ideas for studio paintings, a whole new process of starting paintings, and a changed palette to meet my evolving expression as an artist. In short, my time at Ghost Ranch significantly revised and upgraded my process of painting plein air and an experience I will remember with gratitude the rest of my life.


Oil and Pastel Painter - Socorro, New Mexico


After working as a professional artist for over 20 years, I had the privilege of being invited to the inaugural Artist Residency, Estudio Corazón at Ghost Ranch.  


The gift of time, space and endless inspiration led me beyond the realm of production, into my authentic voice as a painter.  As a result of my uninterrupted time there, I was able to tap into a level of creativity I couldn’t reach while immersed in my day-to-day commitments as a full-time artist.  


The experience has genuinely changed my life and has fueled me with a new understanding of the authenticity I am trying to convey in each and every painting.  


Estudio Corazón has been the biggest influence on my artwork to date and I believe the experience will continue to “show up” in my work for a long time to come.


Artist, Teacher, Writer - Westlake Village, California


Ghost Ranch is a perfect metaphor for the romantic myth of the American West. It is a land of mystery and magic and wide-open spaces that evoke the spirit of rugged individualism and transcendental bliss. It is another universe that feels like freedom and keeps calling me back, like whistling coyote sirens.


Estudio Corazón inspired the creation of some of my most intimate impressions of light and form in a landscape that is sensuously seductive. I managed to strike a vital balance between my desire for reflective solitude and a need to connect with friends old and new.


Highly productive days flowed seamlessly into beautiful carefree evenings with fellow artists. Poetic impressions fill the canvas of my mind – deep dark celestial-scapes with shooting stars like fire embers, mysterious alien green mesas emerging from a gauzy veil of velvet black sky, and a mystical grey fox shadowing me like a devoted Art Spirit.


Have you ever walked into a painting?

Diane Arenberg

Painter and Printmaker - Santa Fe, New Mexico
Co-Founder of Estudio Corazón


I first came to Ghost Ranch in 1988 for a painting workshop. To say this changed the trajectory of my life might seem overly dramatic, yet this is exactly what happened. The ancient landscape mixed with the ephemeral light must already have been imprinted on my soul because I just had to keep coming back.

Thirty-three years later, as Co-Founder and participant in the Estudio Corazón Inaugural Residency, I can say the month I spent there has had an equivalent impact on my life. The opportunity to immerse myself in the beauty and tranquility of Ghost Ranch catapulted me right back to my initial thrill as a participant. My love for plein air painting was rekindled and I experienced a creative flow I’ve never had in my career as a fine artist.

The best part of the residency, however, was to experience the joy, camaraderie, and creations of my fellow residents. If we ever got too full of ourselves, all we had to do was sit out under the Milky Way to be reminded we are part of a much larger “community”.

Ghost Ranch is a place to be grounded and soar simultaneously! Estudio Corazón gave me wings.

Donna nelson barnhill

Oil Painter - Santa Fe, New Mexico


The 30 day Ghost Ranch Artist In Residency Program was a moment in time for me to quiet my mind and be retrospective by choice. It was like a dance in nature where I could be alone with the universe, a place where the Milky Way and Pleiades would tease the constellation outside my door.


To be part of a world where a spiritual reaction to the energy that has wondered and wandered the Canyon long before me was truly magical. The residency was a time to explore, to live, create and exist.


I relish that I was able to put my current life aside for just awhile and experience the mystery of Ghost Ranch to further my artistic journey.